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My birth name is Tamar Starobinetz. Till recently, I was known under my stage name: Tamar Burger Star. But now that I’m a free woman, just call me Tamar Robin Star.

Once I was a boring bookkeeper. Now I’m a mother, life coach, trauma therapist, multi-language stand-up comedian, improvisational theater instructor, storyteller, and writer. I performed in Berlin, Cologne, London, and Tel-Aviv, and you can catch my act in comedy clubs across Amsterdam. 


I regularly give a variety of humor related workshops to managers, staff, and students. From high education facilities such as HVA and Knowmads in Amsterdam and Fontys in Venlo to large and small scale companies like Etos and Top Selection.


My motto is that humor and laughter are a MUST for achieving a good, healthy life and a MUST communication skill with which we can create a better world.

My comedy is a result of turning difficult situations in my life to a great springboard. I belong to a group of stand up comedians who believe that if you use comedy to put someone down, you misuse its real purpose. Comedy should elevate and create closeness in which truth and honesty can be easily delivered. There is nothing wrong with a bit of teasing as long as you keep respect for yourself and each other’s differences. 


Using humor, you can communicate better with the people around you, accept them as they are without trying to change them and still stay close to yourself. I sincerely believe that humor can help bring good to the world and break all boundaries.


Can I get an Amen?!


How I Can Help You


Humor as a Self Development Tool

"Turn your tragedy into comedy"

If you are tired of the drama and you would like to divorce it, come to this life-changing workshop.

therapy & coaching


I'm a certificate life coach and specialize in trauma therapy. I run a practice in Amsterdam and Zaandam.


I'm registered in all Dutch insurance companies under the alternative medicial package coverage.

I use various techniques. Some conventional like EMDR, CBT and some holistic body-mind-energy work  like Voice dialog, Focusing, EFT, Laughter Yoga, Shamanistic breathing, Theta Healing.

I help many comedians in their first steps in the comedy world. Helping them getting the right mind setting and with their writing techniques.

I feel honored every time I get to witness the miracle of unlocking the chains of trauma. My joy is to help people craft their tuned pathway to joyful life. If you like to know more please go to my other web site:

one-on-one sessions



Entertainment Skills


  • Stand up comedy

  • Improvisation comedy theater

  • Storytelling

  • Hosting & MCing

  • Writing & preforming for private events

  • Training comics & managers for public speaking

  • Acting


Since 2011, I perform in three languages without getting lost in translation.


You can catch my stand up act in comedy nights in various locations in Amsterdam (Comedy Cafe, Comedy Vibes, Mix Tree, Mezrab, Nutty Anitta, Drover’s Dog, Funny Woman, Day of the Month and more), London (Down Stars at the Kings Head), Berlin (Cosmic Comedy), Cologne (Coellner Cafe) and Tel Aviv (Comedy Factory, Funny Monday). Telling stories on storytelling night at the Mezrab theater, performing with international improvisation comedy theater groups at Crea and Knowmads, MCing and hosting various events.


I write my own material upon request for commercials, sketches and public speakers.


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