Actually Coaching

Actually Coaching costs are covered by most Dutch alternative insurances

Costs: First intake interview (75 minutes)  €110 inc.vat

Coaching Session life & Zoom (60 minutes) €90

EMDR Session (90 minutes) €120.

Home sessions are possible with an extra charge of €0.19 per km + time of drive 15 minutes is calculated as 20€ and extra parking costs.

Mini Coaching Session-(mostly phone or Zoom sessions)  (45 minutes) €60

All costs are free of VAT (BTW 0%)

I'm registered at the professional association VIV and RBCZ my services are recognized and covered partly or fully by most Dutch insurances for the ones that have an alternative package. 

  • VIV-Registratienummer:1907944

  • AGB Zorgverlenerscode 90105028

  • AGB Praktijkcode 90105028 

  • RBCZ licentie 190161R

Insurances that cover my services are under Psychosocial consult Prestatie code: 24504.


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CZCZ DirectDelta LloydOhra.

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Menzis,  AnderzorgHema en PMA

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ZilverenKruisFBTOInterpolisAvéroAchmeaProLife ZorgverzekeringenDeFriesland en OZF Zorgverzekeraar.

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VGZBewuzt, Promovendum, NationalAcademic, BesuredIZZUnivéZEKUR en UMC